Connecting to the Azure Lab

During the presentation, instructions were given to submit your Microsoft account email address for Azure access.  You should receive an invite from Microsoft Invitations.

Click Get Started in the invite email to proceed.

If you are not already logged into your Microsoft account, you will be instructed to log in with the email provided earlier.

Login with your Microsoft account.  If your account is already logged in, choose the account from the list and provide your password once again.

Once logged in, your environment will be prepared.  This may take a minute.

Once your environment loads, you will see a landing page.  You may see an access-related message, but you can disregard it.


Click your account name in the top right corner of the page and select
mrrobsewellgmail (Default Directory).  If you only have one directory option, it will already be selected.

Your overview will now refresh with the relevant lab information.
Click on BeardLab in the list.

Click Claim any to claim one of the available Azure VMs.  You may only claim one VM.


Claiming the VM will take up to a few minutes, please be patient.  To see the status, click the bell icon.

As the claim process progresses, the VM will appear in the My Virtual Machines view.


Wait for the claim process to complete.  Once completed, click My Virtual Machines or click Refresh to see that the VM is Running.  Once in the Running state, click the claimed VM.

Click Connect.  An RDP file will download to your computer.  Save and Open the file to launch RDP.

Enter the below credentials to connect to the Azure VM.

login:  dbatools
password:  dbatoolspreconUserFTW!

Click Yes to accept the certificate to log into the VM environment.

Once connected, open the VS Code application from the desktop

Type CTRL ` to bring up terminal, or Click View -> Integrated TerminalU

Update the Summit Lab module by typing  Update-Module summitlab
Import the Summit Lab module by typing  Import-Module summitlab

Finally, type Reset-LabEnvironment to configure the lab and bring up the containers.

As stated, this part of the process may take some time to start the first time.
After a (hopefully) brief pause, the process will list out the new containers and complete the setup.

The IP addresses for the containers, as well as the sa credentials will be displayed below.  You can now use SSMS or PowerShell to connect to these new SQL instances.

Congrats!  You have completed the setup steps for the Azure dbatools Summit lab.

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